The day of large-scale arrivals that only...

Now, following on from last week, it's time for "Large stock arrival day that only happens once a year. vol.2."

If you haven't seen vol.1 yet, please click here 👇👇👇

The day of large-scale arrivals that only comes once a year. vol.1

Thankfully, the day after vol.1 was uploaded, custom orders flooded in and PROTAPER and B263 were sold out . B802 sold out extremely quickly, with only one left. .

We have some of our most recommended parts this time, so let's take a look!


The king of the pedal world, the masterpiece pedal "ALLWAYS" from Mikashima Seisakusho, is back in stock. The name ALLWAYS comes from the fact that it can be used for multiple purposes, from off-road to urban style, and can be used anytime and on any road .

What stands out in particular is its high rotational performance . Triple shielded bearings allow smooth rotation to support comfortable pedaling, and the strap can be inserted smoothly.

Two colors are now in stock: BLACK, which has been out of stock for a long time, and POLISH, a new color!

PAUL E-LEVER BLACK / 22.2mm LEFT ¥12,650- IN TAX

From everyone's favorite PAUL, E-LEVER has arrived, featuring a beautiful playing card pattern that is typical of MADE IN USA and a compact design that can be pulled with one finger. This is Since it is φ22.2mm, most basic riser bars can be used.

The right lever is already sold out and only the left lever is in stock. PAUL levers have excellent accuracy and effectiveness, so just pull two levers and you're good to go!

Incidentally, at the timing of this arrival, PAUL announced that production would be temporarily suspended .

Don't miss out on the E-LEVER, as it may be your last chance to get your hands on the next one, whether it will be in stock in two or three years, or if it will be in stock at all.


The popular DURCUS ONE 2-pull wire is now in stock. This allows you to operate the front and rear brake wires with one lever.

This is recommended for those looking for a simple appearance, but since the braking force of the brake will be slightly reduced, we recommend pairing it with a lever with high precision such as the PAUL E-LEVER or PAUL DUPLEX introduced earlier.

WALD 137 BASKET ¥6,930- IN TAX

WALD is a bicycle parts brand based in Kentucky, USA, with a history of over 100 years. This is an American style basket that can be easily installed with a handle and quick release lever or hub nut.

This is a must-have all-purpose item for commuter-style loose-riding piste bikes.

It comes in two colors, BLACK and SILVER, so choose the one you like!


The product that I am personally most interested in is now available.

Tires called CORSA EVO have arrived from the Italian tire brand "VELOFLEX"! According to Mr. Hiramoto, who has been the manager of the Harajuku store for over 10 years, the tires he knows are fast enough to fight for first and second place.

I'm sorry, but I have very little information about this tire...

As I researched the information provided by the manufacturer, I was able to get some idea of ​​what kind of tires they are, so I would like to share them with you. lol

To put it simply, it is light but has a high grip .

The higher the TPI value, the lighter it is and the lower the rolling resistance.The TPI value is 320 , which is comparable to famous race tires such as CONTINENTAL GP5000 and Vittoria CORSA SPEED. However, since the tire surface uses a proprietary soft compound , it seems to have a high level of grip.

In other words, it is a tire that has low rolling resistance that does not impair rotational efficiency and high grip that supports powerful cornering.

That's fast. Moreover, the price is an unprecedented ¥9,350 . I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to ride fast or who often rides for long periods of time. By the way, this is just a matter of speculation, but it is probably not suitable for skids. If you skid a lot, please use VELOFLEX for the front and GATORSKIN for the rear. lol

That's it for ``Large arrival day that only happens once a year. vol.2''.

This is a two-week series project, and we have a lot more in stock than the parts we introduced this time, so please come visit our store and take a look! We look forward to your custom orders. Well then.



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