"AFFINITY CYCLES" is finally back in stoc...


AFFINITY CYCLES was founded in 2007 in Brooklyn, NY . He set up a very small brick bike shop and started designing original frames. "LO PRO" was released after rigorous field testing by Messenger in Brooklyn. This street-born frame quickly took the fixie bike scene by storm, and the name AFFINITY CYCLES became known to riders all over the world.

All frames are carefully welded by skilled craftsmen, and are produced under strict production control down to the final finish, including painting techniques. Products that have been tested and polished in the extreme and extremely harsh environments of street and track have been highly supported by messengers in New York and elite track bike competitors, and have achieved many successes. The brand is still based in Brooklyn and continues to create the best frames in collaboration with local messengers, street riders, and track racers.

AFFINITY CYCLES will be releasing their timeless masterpieces "LO PRO" and "METROPOLITAN" for the first time in two years!

LO PRO "Cognac Brown" (Japan Limited Color)

LO PRO "Iridescent Grey"

LO PRO "Keirin Sparkle Black"

"LO PRO" can be said to be the roots of AFFINITY CYCLES , which was born with the establishment of the brand in 2007 . It was created through repeated tests with messengers who run daily on the streets of New York, which is arguably the harshest city in the world.

Aggressive original pursuit geometry with a forward-slung top tube Even now, more than ten years after its birth, it continues to fascinate riders all over the world.
The main pipe of the frame uses an aero-shaped chromoly original custom butted tube. The short wheelbase and angled head geometry give it sharp acceleration and crisp handling.
Fast, tough, and cool. It achieves the most important elements required by street riders with a high level of balance. The top tube has an internal cable guide for the rear brake, allowing for clean assembly without compromising the simple look.

METROPOLITAN "Lilac Breeze" (Japan Limited Color)

METROPOLITAN "Film Grain Black"

METROPOLITAN "Keirin Sparkle Black"

This is the ``METROPOLITAN'' that the main character rode astride in the Hollywood movie PREMIUM RUSH , which is about a New York messenger, and which is well known to all fixie heads.

KEIRIN is extremely well known in America. One of the reasons for this is not only the fun of the competition, but also the beauty of the bicycle itself, which is loved locally as NJS.

"METROPOLITAN" is a frame inspired by bicycle racing. Created by adding the slender and beautiful silhouette unique to chromoly, KEIRIN geometry, and the design essence of AFFINITY CYCLES, This item is in high demand from messengers from New York to full-fledged races.

Also, this too The top tube has an internal cable guide for the rear brake, allowing for simple and clean assembly.

These are the 2024 models of AFFINITY CYCLES "LO PRO" and "METROPOLITAN"!

And I'm curious about the sales start date,

Pre-order acceptance : Until 18:00 on Thursday, February 22, 2024

In-store release date and time: February 23, 2024 (Friday / Holiday) 11:00~

“LO PRO” has already arrived at stores, so if you would like to see it in person and make a decision, please come visit us!

Who will be the one to get the AFFINITY 2024 model, which is a must-have item! ?

All the staff are looking forward to seeing you.



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