If you ride a Leader, isn't CURE?

If you return home recently, you will be able to take a bath immediately, take about 30 minutes for a dog walk, and the bath will accumulate and warm up the moment you return.
It feels good, you can hear the sound of the bath boiling as soon as you open that entrance.
The temperature is cold, so when you take a bath, be sure to put a bath salt called Kikiki and feel warm.
On a day when I feel a little relaxed, I'm spending an everyday like a nice woman who meditates with a candle in addition to that.
If you like, please let me know if you have any relaxation!

Speaking of relaxation methods, surprisingly, the time you are riding a fixie bike can be used in time to calm your heart or when you think about it, so it is recommended to row!

Especially for people who want to make a fixer debut with LeaderCureIs recommended.

The lightweight aluminum frame and the frame composed of carbon forks create a light response every time you row.
In addition, since it is a pashute frame that is downward, it has an aggressive ride.
Regarding this body, what to hide is GORI's first bike, so you'll have some care.

This custom isShred88andShred60A custom that combines the wheels and dares to change to the appearance.
In terms of driving performance, the carbon wheel itself is very light, creating a lighter body.
As a result, it produces a light and comfortable ride.
Carbon dynasty is especially recommended as a custom of living things because it is highly durable.
There are voices that you are worried about the fan's fan, but if you don't have a pretty strong wind, you will never hinder your daily life, so don't worry!
By the way, even if you are practicing skids, it is recommended that the rear wheel is lighter.
It is important to practice lighter the gear ratio, but it will be slippery if the wheel becomes lighter, so it will be a surprisingly wheel custom shortcut!
I think the good custom is to benefit more than I imagined.
If you are still genuine, you should look at the custom little by little!

By the way, CURE also becomes a riser handle from the beginning, so those who ride on the city riding can ride in an easy ride posture.
It is not to deny the drop handle, but when you actually ride it, there are many people who want to customize the riser handle, so it is better to accept the predecessor's teachings and choose the riser handle set CURE from the beginning. Is it not?
The first CURE I chose.
By all means, it is a gem that you want to choose.

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