"The 1st staff BIKE Heavy Championship !!"

Hello! ! ! What do you care about on your bicycle and customize it? ? I think there are various reasons for appearance, performance, weight! ! Today, I would like to write the staff's motorcycle weight! ・ Leader Bikes 722TS HERITAGE LO First, from my bicycle! ! It is the only chromoly frame in Leader Bikes! ! ! Result is,

10,72kg! ! ! !

I don't care much about the weight reduction, so it's okay ...! ・ Leader Bikes Renovatio The next entry is a "queue" motorcycle! ! ! You can expect it because it has a carbon handle and saddle! ! Result is,

8,7kg !!!!

You've cut 10kg lightly! ! ! Moreover, the brakes are set before and after, so if you weigh without the brake, it will be lighter! ! ・ Leader Bikes 725TR The third hand is a bicycle of "Kawabe"! ! ! It will be light because the carbon is set on the rear wheel! ! Result is,

8,505kg !!!!

It's lighter than the "queue" bicycle! ! ! ・ Leader Bikes EQNX The last entry of the staff is "Fuji" bicycle! ! ! Come here and the carbon frame is here! ! ! ! Moreover, the seat post and handle are also carbon! ! ! Result is,

7,68kg !!!!

Clear 8kg walls easily! ! ! ! It's lightness that can be brought up with one finger! ! ! ! By the way, that was the weight of the staff's bike! ! ! The result is the first place "Fuji" EQNX, ... "Wait a minute~!!!!!!!!" Somehow a rash has appeared! ! ! ! It is a customer of the Osaka store! ! ! ! ! ・ DOSNOVENTA DETROIT The customer has entered, "My bicycle is the lightest !!" ! ! ! Carbon on the handle, seat post! ! And the fact that the pedal is binding is quite lighter! ! ! This is expected! ! ! ! Result is,


You've just skipped the staff's record! ! ! ! Probably the lightest among customers? ? ? This weight contest is 1st place: Customer dosnoventa 2nd: Fuji EQNX 3rd place: Kawabe 725TR 4th place: Cue Renovatio 5th: Ayum 722TS The result was! ! ! It is generally said that a lighter one is better for bicycles (especially sports cycles)! The biggest advantage of lightness is to increase athletic performance! Acceleration, deceleration, turning, lighter energy is less energy! Unlike cars and motorcycles, especially for bicycles running in human power! ! ! Even in cars and motorcycles, racing machines are lighter to the last minute! ! ! If you are worried about how weighing your bicycle, Please come at any time because we will weigh! ! And please enter the 2nd Heavy Championship! ! ! Ayumu.
1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka City MAP
12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)