Leader Bikes 725TR MICHE CUSTOM.

Good evening!!! MICHE PISTARD WHEEL has arrived today Introducing Leader Bikes 725TR with a custom of this wheel. If you are wondering what the wheel is to use when choosing from the frame, it is a must -see !!! Please see from the completed car first. Leader Bikes 725TR MICHE PISTARD Custom ¥ 23,1000- This price is a great deal with a unified finish and this specification. In addition, MICHE PISTARD WHEEL ¥ 39,100- (+tax) will be sold before and after. The standard wheels for trucks are relatively lighter at 930g of front and 1,130g of rear. In addition, the hub is cut, so it supports free, so There is no problem even if you are not used to fixed gears. Of course, there is no problem around the shield bearing. If you are particular about the design, you may be satisfied with this wheel!? There is no doubt that thin rims that make use of the know -how of carbon wheels !!! If you are worried about it, please use this wheel. The popular bullhorn handle is also available !!! DEDA CRONO NERO ¥ 7,500- (+tax) Click here for other parts !! BROTURES RIP CRANK ¥ 24,000- (+Tax) SELLE ITALIA SLR TT ¥ 17,500- (+Tax) Was today's custom completed car helpful!? By assembling from the frame It will be a highly accurate bicycle, and it is possible to assemble one of the convincing original. can. "I don't know how to customize it" If you don't know what is different for good parts, you can get a custom -made blog. Please give a sense of the original as a reference, and if you have any questions about the parts, please consult the staff. Here is a simulation when a custom completed car is set up with a loan !!! Example) 18 payments You can pay for about ¥ 14,000 per month. Please feel free to use Cedinalone when purchasing. We are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA. U-KI.
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