Hello! Yesterday was sunny on a day off, so I rode a bicycle. I went from my home to Akihabara to meet a friend, but I worked with some muscle pain with a long distance after a long time for a round trip about 35km. smile By the way, today we introduce DOSNOVENTA HOUSTON's custom! The custom body this time is the Dosnoventa Houseton Raw color body. I tried to customize this custom that I introduced earlier. What do you think? I finished the specifications like this! Frame: Dosnoventa Houseon Raw Front wheel: Brotures SHRED88 Front tires: Veloflex Master Rear wheel: Brotures T3 Rear Rear Tire: Michelin Dynamic Sport Crank: FSA Carbon Track Isis Crank Set Saddle: Fizik Volta R3 Handle: KCNC Rampant Riser Bar Grip: CULT AK GRIP Stem: Thomson X2 STEM The handle is a riser handle of Hisabisa. I tried to customize it with a bullhorn and a riser handle of a lot of road drops. The riser handle is easy to ride, and it is a Pikaichi handle and YOKOHAMA staff Mizu has to use only riser. A handle that is addicted to those who are addicted to the declaration. Install AK GRIP with a bright gum color for the grip. Volta from Fizik for the saddle! This saddle is used by Mr. Q, the manager of Brotures OSAKA. Classically, it's Snake, which is a recommended saddle for relatively soft people. This is a relatively new lineup filled with FIZIK technology that incorporates classic saddles! And Master from Celoflex for the tires! The color of the frame, the grip, and the side skin of the front tire are beautifully matched. Recently, BROTURES has many customers who change to high -end frames, especially Dosnoventa and Leader Kagero/Renovatio. You can also purchase parts according to the changing Mochiron frame. You can also purchase with the minimum necessary combinations! ! For more informationOrder formcheck! I plan to change to Kagero this month. We look forward to your inquiry! Adatch
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