"Let's ride Leader Bikes !!"

Hello! ! You entered July from today! ! ! I hope the rainy season ends early, but ... If you are considering buying a bicycle, choose during the rainy season. After the rainy season, let's prepare early so that you can ride it perfectly! ! So today, I would like to introduce the finished car of "Leader Bikes"! ! [America's largest piste bike brand Leader Bikes! ! Road bikes for commuting and city riding,Continue to propose a fixie bike instead of a cross bike The concept is "cool and fast on the street!" A bicycle brand that loves from beginners to professionals and is familiar with the design and fashion industry! Preaching the need for a city ride pist, continuing to support messenger and street racing, In 2014, he established his status as the fastest and fast brand in California! ! ! ] Introducing such Leader Bikes today! ! ! ! ! First, ・ Leader Bikes Cretin ¥ 80,000 (+tax) "CRETIN", a model that inherits the intention of Leader Bikes 721TR! ! Geometry where top tubes are parallel to the ground than 721TR The down tube is a little thin, so it is lighter! ! ! It will be restocked soon! ! ・ Leader Bikes Cure ¥ 100,000 (Tax) The color is three colors of White, Black Sax Blue! ! The feature of CURE is where the top tubes are curved! ! And it inherits the geometry of Leader Bikes's high -end model "Kagero"! SAX BLUE, which had no stock, will be restocked soon! ! ! ・ Leader Bikes 725TR ¥ 140,000 (+Tax) Colors are White, Black, Polish, Seafoam Green, Corsa Red Leader Bikes's representative Bike! ! I am glad that 725TR has many colors from the beginning! ! The 725TR completed car has good parts from famous manufacturers from the beginning. It is a highly quality finished car that other brands cannot do! ! ! Of course, you can ride these three cars today, but by customization. Furthermore, since it will be a high spec, we will introduce these three custom bikes at the end! ! ! ・ Leader Bikes Cretin Custom Bike The handle and wheels are customized from the state of the completed car! ! This alone changes its appearance and ride comfort! ! ・ Leader Bikes Cure Custom Bike It is interesting to do a custom color as shown in this photo! ! ! There are many types of fixes, and there are various colors, so it's easy to customize! ! ・ Leader Bikes 725TR Custom Bike You can use a carbon with the front and rear wheels and saddles, and you can use Custom that looks and running! ! ! Why don't you go to various places with your car this summer? ? ? Please come at any time, such as custom consultation, test drive of a fixie bike! ! ! Then we are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA! ! Ayumu.
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12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)