CINELLI Frames is about to arrive! !

It's a nice news! What a special Cinelli collaboration frame will be available! Here is the restock here. CINELLI X MASH HISTOGRAM 2015 Framset ¥ 130,000 (+Tax)

This frame is attracting attention every year with excellent design like Italy.

This year, it is based on gloss black and has a colorful histogram inside the fork and stay.

It was always an image of playing with design, but this year it is an impression that I have been serious. Of course, it is likely that this design will not be next year! Please note that if you miss this opportunity, it will be difficult to obtain! This limited frame is also available with Histograph! Rather, this is the main. CINELLI × CHROME VIGORELLI ¥ 99,000 (+tax) This year's Red Hook Crit, which was also very active in Leader Team. In recent years, Cinelli has been participating in tags with Chrome. And this time, this year's model of VIGORELLI, which is actually used in the race, is available! CINELLI and CHROME collaboration between brands, which are worldwide, are bold and unexpected attempts. Not only motorcycles, but also backpacks and cycle caps from Chrome. Like the collaboration with Mash, there are many items that you can definitely miss if you are a fixie bike freak! Please hurry! Toshi BROTURES KICHIJOJI 0422-27-6155
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