How do you Think this kagero?

Hello. Nori! Recently, I have played this music once a day at the store. I'm so addicted! If you are interested, please listen!
If you can listen to music, I want to run while listening. 。 。 I made my favorite kagero. how is it? While using the BK and SL parts, I put WHT in the color and assembled it! I would like to introduce the components because there are some parts that I am particular about. First of all, I would like to explain around the handle. The stem is X4, which is dropped from Thomson, which has good cost performance. The handle is DEDA's DA BAR. I don't think there is anything to the right with carbon bullhorn! The weight is only 180g. The brake lever is installed with SRAM TT900 ¥ 13,048 OUT TAX. You will be able to use the entire handle. The appearance of the brake wire is completely different by making it clean. Next, I will introduce the wheels. SHRED88 ¥ 55,000 out tax is installed on the front. Install the WHT MICHELIN PRO4 SC ¥ 7.200 OUT TAX for the front tire to add color. It looks like a vintage American car. The next custom was personally concerned. The rim used BLB's Notorious38 ¥ 40,000 out tax. Install Made in USA Paul Rear Rear Hub BK \ 18,550 OUT TAX on the hub The spokes are lighter by adopting a vattet spoke called DT.Swiss revolution. I also use this hub and spoke combination, so I will proceed with confidence! smile Finally, it is the whole wheels! And next is the saddle and seat post! The saddle adopts Antares R3 KIUM ¥ 20,340 OUT TAX, which has been dropped from Fizik, which is popular in Brotures. The seat post is a recommended Ritchy Classic SeatPost of Junki store manager, which resembles the character of Gohan. smile And finally, I would like to introduce the crank that leads to the driving system and end it! Uses SUGINO 75 CTANK ¥ 24,000 out Tax and Sugino SSG144 49T ¥ 9,800 OUT TAX, which is very popular overseas. How about such a car body? Why don't you take a consultation with all the staff and combine one of your dreams? We will cooperate! Nori
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