My Leader Bike "Renovatio"

I changed to Renovatio. I have been straddling the fix since I was in high school. Starting with FUJI's finished car, there are various connections with NJS frames such as venus, watanabe, and PRESTO, Leader Bike 735TR. I don't think there was a frame that I liked as much as Kagero. Moderately hard, fast and hard to get tired. I think it is a very easy -to -handle frame. Among the aluminum frames with many flashy silhouettes, the very modest looks looked cool in my eyes. The reason I changed to Renovatio was because I had the style I wanted to make. I wanted to touch on the latest frame design. It is like that. What happens to taper head? And. I wonder if sloping is fine. Crit is popular. I arrived at Renovatio while thinking about that. The theme when I assembled it was to make a bicycle that was just the right for me. While refraining from wasteful specifications, we basically put emphasis on maintenance -free. Fashionable. It's more like "I see" than "Sugo". To make such a bicycle. The silver parts that were policy were somehow inherited, the wheels were left as they were, and the circumference of the feet was slightly changed. The SUGINO SG75 crank is long because of its long history, and the BB that can be used is surprisingly abundant. Adopted because Mentor -free's TANGE cartridge BB can be used. The pedal is also an urban platform in Mikashima. I often turn around cheap. It was pedal strap, tires and forks that really asked for specifications. Besides running fast, it also affects the comfort of riding important for me. The front fork was a little over budget, but honestly I couldn't do it. flame:Leader Bikes Renovatio S size fork:Leader Bikes i806tr Full Carbon Fork handle:Cinelli Mash Road Drop Stem: Ritchy 4axis Classic 90mm 84 ° crank:SUGINO SG75 165mm Chain Ring: Sugino SSG144 47T Cog:PHILWOOD TRACK COG 17T chain:HKK Vertex Rim: Velocity AeroHead Spoke: SAPIM CX-Ray Hub:PHILWODD H/F TRACK HUB Front tires:Michelin Pro4 SC Rear tire:Michelin Dynamic Sports Seat post:Thomson Elite Saddle: SELLE SAN Marco Mantra Pedal: MKS Urban Platform clip:MKS TOE CLIP STEEL DEEP Twin Strap: Kashimax Dual Sprint The impression of the trial is to say "move well" or "easy to move". You may have dropped one size compared to Kagero, but you can move more freely than before. I was surprised that this is the quickness. In other words, "Super (・ ∀ ・) is good !!" I think I did a good shopping. JinKi
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