Leader Bike 725 Immediate delivery car

In BROTURES, whether it is a low -priced completed car or a custom motorcycle, When you place an order from the customer, always make it apart. Re -increase the grease and re -tighten with the specified torque value. By doing so, it becomes resistant to rotation force and aging of motorcycles, etc. The potential and accuracy of the motorcycle itself increases. For the mechanic commitment, after ordering, we will deliver the car in the order of reservation. You may have to wait for a few weeks early, and during the busy season of this time. So, I really want to ride and go home! For those who like, we have prepared instant delivery. Here is the one we assembled today. The special parts are also certified as the NJS standard (official parts that can be used in bicycle racing), H Plus Son SV-30 for a truck hub called GARANCOMPE PRO in Japan Set up an aggressive bullhorn handle. We are assembled with a specification that can ride the pounding town. Since the size is S size, you can get on a guide about 160-170cm tall. [Frame & Fork] Leader Bikes 725TR Frame [Handle] TNI Bullhorn [STEM] Thomson Elite X2 STEM [Front & Rear Hub] GRANCOMPE PRO [Front & Rear Tire]THICK SLICK [CRANK] Sgino 75 crank

EQNX: Sf to Sd from Leader Bikes ON Vimeo.

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