Test Ride

"The buttocks hurt" It is a problem that many sports bike users have once. I myself have tried various things about saddles. Except for tires, chains and consumables, the most replacement parts are saddles. There are times when the saddle matches, it does not fit, it is easy to step on, it is difficult to step on it, and sometimes it can be managed with position setting, but it is also true that the part that rely on the saddle itself. We can also give advice according to the customer's request based on our own experience and knowledge, but it is best to have them get on. But if you don't buy it, you can't get on it, and what if you buy it? 。 And Let's solve the saddle situation that bothers buttocks, heads and pockets! I prepared a trial saddle from Fizik, which is familiar. There are three types of soft body, ordinary people, and hard people. Because it has a different shape in an easy -to -understand manner, it is perfect for trial. You can actually attach it to your bicycle and ride. The number is limited, but if you return it on the day, you can get around for an hour. Please test carefully. By the wayFIZIK classic linap is in stockAs we do, we will exchange saddles during the period until the end of the month. Even if you can exchange saddle, please use it as much as time allows you to use it. By the way, thank you very much for Kichijoji only.
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