Implementing a trade -in service

BROTURES offers a trade -in service. It may be difficult to imagine because it is a service that is not usually done at most bicycle shops, but you can use this in the custom shop Brotures. For example, if you want to purchase it with a completed car, gradually customize it, and then change the frame, please use it by all means. In fact, the trade -in service can be picked up only by the frame. For example, if you buy it with a completed car, gradually customize it, and change the frame, please use it by all means. ① Leader Bike 735TR Frame Set → \ xx, ×××- (assessed value) ② Leader Bike Kagero Frame Set → ¥ 98,000- (+Tax) ①-② = \ ○○○, ○○○- (purchase price) It is possible to replace the frame for the assessment value that has been used so far (the third photo). How to upgrade the frame wisely as the parts of the machine that you have grown up are kept as it is. If you have just started riding, please let us know if you put it in one corner of your head and when the time comes. I myself have bought many frames, but I have never had two. Like a place problem, in my case the money problem is great. I always gave it to a friend and got a new one. It would have been easier if there was such a service. As a procedure, please bring your bicycle to the store first. We will assess it based on the model, manufacturer, year, state, etc. If you are convinced of the presentation assessment, we will purchase and pay for the day. * Some bicycles cannot be purchased. Since it will be an secondhand transaction, please prepare the following. ・ ID card (license, insurance card, etc.) ・ Bicycle purchase certificate (receipt at the time of bicycle purchase, delivery note, warranty card, crime prevention registration, etc.) ・ If you receive it, please prepare a transfer certificate.
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