Supreme Road Bike !!

The only road bike 722RS in the Kichijoji store. It is a road bike frame of Dead Stock of Leader Bikes, which is rare worldwide. Cool is better for a road bike. That's why I assembled it in such a custom that has excellent impact. Install JET9 back and forth from the freshly arrived HED. Completely monochrome and white and black are arranged in various places. Finished as one of the "finest" as the title suggests. Leader Bikes 722RS "Jet9 Custom" ¥ 530,000 (+Tax) It looks persistent, but this frame is dead stock. In other words, there is only one in Japan. If you miss this rare road bike, there is no next. Please feel free to contact us. Bike loan simulation Amount ¥ 572,400- Fee ¥ 37,721- 1st payment amount ¥ 21,421 × 1 time Payment from the second time ¥ 20,300 x 29 times
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