Thomson Carbon Road Bar in Stock

Thomson Carbon Road Bar, which I love, is in stock after a long time! Lightweight carbon road drop bar weighing 188g. I would like to talk a bit about why I use this handle from various handles. Speaking of handle, riser bars, trapded drops, road drops, and bullhones are the four types. This handle is used for road bikes, although it is a drop bar because it is a road drop. Speaking of road bikes, you can think of a race such as Tour de France, but the point is how to run "long distance" and run "fast". Riser is comfortable, but not long distance. Trackdrop, such as DEDA PISTA etc., can run fast, but it is not comfortable and is not suitable for long distances. Although the bullhorn can change the handle smoothly, the posture is different from the drop because it has a protruding part when rowing. In the criterium lace represented by Red Hook Crit, the usage rate of this road drop type is almost 100%. The handle that has arrived this time is a carbon material, so it is not only lightweight but also very good at absorption of shock. It is a merit that I feel that the vibration that I accept by hand is reduced rather than the vibration I feel with pedals and saddles (buttocks). In addition, the handle that extends sideways from the part that is cramped with the stem has an aero shape, so it is easy to hold because it is crushed. Run long distance! I want to ride a bicycle more comfortably, I want to run a little faster! It is a handle that you should definitely use. You can take a test drive when you occasionally commute to Yokohama. Come on this opportunity! Thomson Carbon Road Dropbar ¥ 29,400 (+Tax)
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