The Attension to 725tr Vol.2

This is the painting this time as the second stage of the dissection blog of Leader Bikes 725TR that I started yesterday. The 725 paint is processed called polyurethane low -temperature paint (urethane paint), and bicycle paint is baked painting. First, baked painting is "painting using paint that hardens by heating and burning." Urethane paint is "painting that can be painted even at room temperature" The paint applied to 725 is urethane paint, so it is an ideal method for a frame without any damage to the frame. In addition, urethane painting is painted at room temperature and dried, but it becomes very hard when dried, so it protects the surface of the material as a strong coating membrane. High weather resistance such as sunlight and rain, and strong wear resistance. The durability has been very long, about 10 years, and has been finished with less deterioration. As a material, it is soft and highly adherent, so it also responds firmly to the curved part of the frame. In addition, there is a problem with the color, and it is heated in the case of baking, so the color may change or the color adjustment may occur. In the case of urethane painting, there are things that can be done at room temperature, and the color is stable. By the way, it was painted this time, but how was it? Isn't there a few customers who know so far? The next theme is to enjoy it after watching!
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