MASH JAPAN PREMIERE information lifted

Legendary Fix Dogi Crew in San Francisco "Mash" The Japanese who started the fixie, everyone longed for, A figure that slides freely on the squid slope of SF with no brake. Many crazy images that fly at the same speed as the car. How do you do skids? There is no doubt if you finish the bike like this! Eight years from the movie, which was a textbook on all the fixie bikes. Recently, it is becoming a brand that is collaborating with "Chinelli". Now and in the past, they were always flying. Click here for "MASH 2015 Trailer" released the other day! And finally decided! Contents of Mash Premiere! For details, see this official website! A little introduction from the official website! Date and time: 2015.10.17.sat / 10.18.sun 19: 00 ~ Location: Shinjuku Ward Kakuka Ward Public Hall Ticket: Application lottery Official InstagramIt seems that Twitter has begun Why don't you check it together!
4-26-31 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo MAP
Weekdays/11:00~18:00 (No fixed holidays) Weekends/Holidays/10:00~18:00