Bicycle loan "Zero interest rate" begins!

I will tell you from the conclusion. "Let's go for the interest rate of the bike loan (split fee) for free!" That's such a story. Usually, the bike loan handled by Brotures The split fee, so -called interest rate, "5 %". The average interest rate of credit cards is 10-15%, so it's a great deal in the first place. for example "¥ 200,000-" When "24 times installment payment" The final payment amount will increase a little "¥ 210,580-". This difference "¥ 10,580-" is an interest rate (split fee). This time, the subject of purchase support is "Leader Bikes 735TR" Purchase supportUse 12 times or lessIs eligible. Complete is okay! but! We recommend an additional custom of riding and coolness. It will start at all stores from Saturday, October 3rd tomorrow Please feel free to use it at BROTURES near you.
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