DOSNOVENTA Detroit 2.0 OriginalPaint

It is Kiyo who has been strong in the crosswind from the morning and has a long time to commute 1.5 times as usual. Today we will introduce DOSNOVENTA DETROIT 2.0 full of style. The color is khaki and the head logo is red and fashionable color. There is no compromise on the parts, and the front and rear hubs use Philwood x Brotures hub. The crank is a specification that is comparable to Rotor 3D-24 and local riders. It was a worthwhile one that took a long time to examine the parts one by one! Why don't you try to show your personality of confidence by painting this period? DOSNOVENTA DETROTO2.0 ¥ 165,000- (EXTAX) Custom Paint ¥ 40,000 ~ DEDA DABAR ¥ 25,300- (EXTAX) Thomson X2 ¥ 8,400- (EXTAX) Thomson Master Piece ¥ 16,000- (EXTAX) TNI BLACK FETHER ¥ 18,500- (EXTAX) PHILWOOD × BROTURES ¥ 26,000 ~
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