By Brotures Handle "Wide Low Riser" New R... the pedal last week, a new product has been completed from by Broturs.

The product that was completed this time is the handle.

There are handles of various shapes even if it is a handle, but it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the most common handle shape that customers are customized in Broturs."Riser handle"Will be this new product.

By Brotures Handle "Wide Low Riser


Clamp diameter: 31.8mm
Body (material): 6061 Butted aluminum
Handle width: 680mm
Color: Matt Black
Rise: 15mm
Upsweep: 4 degrees
Bucks Woop: 6 degrees
Weight: 360g

price:¥7,700-(in tax)

In recent years, long riser bars are popular, although it is not clear whether it is due to Mash.
In the past, the opposite was short and it was popular, but it is highly practical because it is easy to change the part that the longer one has a slightly different part, it is easy to put in force, and it is good at handling it.

There are popular riser handles such as Nitto for Shred Bar, Thomson MTB Riser Bar.
The appearance is almost the same. The difference that can be understood immediately is material or color.
It may be the case that the handle to be released this time may be.

However, we are looking for a difference in our opinions to make it, and we will introduce you every time.

Select aluminum for material,No. 6061 Double VatedMade in.
Thomson makes it using the 7050 aluminum, but from thereThe priority is to make the price affordable and make it easier to customize.

7700 yen including tax is about half the price of Thomson.
I don't want to strengthen my appeal in the price, but I think that many people have a bottleneck for small customs. So, I would be glad if you could customize it because of this price.

The length is not too long from the beginning of 680mm.
Most manufacturers are quite long and handle cuts.
Many of them choose about 600 to 650mm, but sometimes they remain long.
that's whyI want you to use it as it is, and the cut is also aimed at Shioume.

Regarding the angle, it may be the most comfortable to create a Thomson Carbon Riser that was close and only that carbon riser with an aluminum handle.
The 20mm rise of that carbon rizer was very cool when I attached it to the body.
There are many other aluminum rizers with more rizers, and on the other hand, there was no such cool thing at 15mm.

An exquisite and up -sweet that is not flat but does not rise too much.
The grip part is a backwoop in front so as not to lower the posture when riding.

"I can deposit my weight with the preceding load and step on the pedal, the toughness that makes a motorcycle firmly with dancing."

I guess it is a steet that is easy to handle on the street to fly, including the price and appearance, and to fly.

As with hubs and pedals, I want you to enjoy custom on this handle for riding a fix.
Moreover"Feel free"I have a feeling.

I think that a little custom makes me feel better, and I think it's fun to ride, so let me help you with your custom.


Released on Wednesday, March 15, 2023from.
You can purchase at each BROTURES store or online store.

By Brotures Wide Low Riser


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