Toshi has set Dosnoventa.

The next lawn looks blue.
The dosnoventa frame rolled in in front of me with an ant.
While holding the frame that a former colleague has been assembled in full order, he does not go against the cheating heart.
The just size was also assembled.

DOSNOVENTA LOS Angeles Frame Set

I wish I could make it like everyone.
For the time being, it's a part that everyone has.
I wonder if this can be myself.

It's anxious ride, but ...
It was an impression that it was easier to ride than I thought.
It is a motorcycle that is easy to do smooth operability and stop and go while there is a moderate sense of stability.

If you look at the geometry numbers, you are convinced.
The front area is designed close to a road bike.
In other words, it is excellent in straightness.

However, the rear end is very short and the wheelbase is clogged, so I wonder if this area is affecting quick handling.
Since the BB drop is quite shallow, it plays a role in riding comfort with a fixie.

Indeed, it's a very well -balanced design.
In this case, it is easy for those who are new to the piste to handle it, and you can enjoy the real pleasure.

I guess it's a slightly heavier gear ratio than usual.
Lightweight and rolled tires will make you feel very comfortable.
After all, CORSA of Vittoria.

Virrotia Corsa G2.0

It doesn't matter the model, but I want you to stick to the pedal.
Customing each part makes the ride better, but personally, the pedal was impressive.
I like the hold feeling of the toe clip.

Recently, it's easy, so I used only a strap, so I just renewed the pedal.
It is cool with a classical look, but if your feet are cut off, you will get a sense of unity and easier to control.
The pedal simply makes it easier to row.

The recommendation is the MKS NEXT series and the strap is NJS.
It is important to have a strap that is difficult to disagree with the pedal that turns around.

Dosnoventa, not good.
I think that it is a bicycle that is often talked about design, but carefully made.
Please ask if you have any detailed consultation.

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