Build with BROTURES parts

"2021 Model Detroit", which features an elegant orange without being too crisp

Orange is wide in color, and it is quite different if it is close to yellow to a reddish one or a lump sum.

Even so, isn't this Detroit orange like "The Orange"?

The finish is a mat, so it's calm and mature.

It is a frame that shines in the city, so I would like you to assemble it.

So, this time, the orange color frame

I tried to customize the Brotures component.

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DOSNOVENTA 2021 Detroit Frame Set ¥ 159,000-


Actually, I wanted to include "RIP CRANK", but it is currently sold out.

Installed "SUGINO75 DD2" introduced on yesterday's blog.

The difference from yesterday is the chain ring.

I changed this to "Digirit", a carbon material.

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SUGINO SG75 DD2 49T BK Crank Set \ 81,000-

Digirit Carbon Chain Ring 49T/3K ¥ 20,818-


Since titanium coating is performed at the tip of the tooth, not only durability but also accuracy is outstanding.

It is almost a true circle, so the chain tension is uniform and the stress is considerably reduced.

The front and rear wheels are popular 3 baton wheels "T3"

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BROTURES T3 Carbon WHEEL ¥ 90,000 ~


Currently, this front is also sold out, but if it is the rear, there are only a few remaining, but it can be prepared.

If you are considering it, please contact us as soon as possible.

And around the handle, the original carbon drop is "Thomson" that is pushed by BROTURES.

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Thomson X4 STEM ¥ 11,000-



This handle can be seen compared to other things, but first lightweight. In addition, the diameter (thickness) of the handle is thicker to the end and it is easy to grasp.

As a merit of carbon, "shock absorption performance" is perfect, so it is easy to use with a small burden on the hand.

If you are worried, please hold it at the store once.

The saddle is "Fabric" and the seat post is "Dosnoventa".

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Fabric Scoop Race ¥ 13,000-

DSNV®︎ 105 SEATPOST ¥ 14,100-


This custom is a luxurious use of carbon parts and assembled.

It is currently on display at the store as it is, so please feel free to drop in.

In addition, you can order and consult from the following, so please use that too.

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