Yesterday's Blue Impulse's formation, the sky above Kichijoji was flying.
Real aircraft carrier Ibuki.

Thank you, Miya.

By the way, since this spring's debut, we have attracted attention in a blink of an eye
Mate X 250, which is popular and sold out.

In less than half a year, he grew into a top ranker in the E-Bike scene in Japan
"", but the other day it will finally become a second model
Mate City is on sale.

This time, Black was sold out due to its overwhelming popularity
The remaining three colors also land in the Kichijoji store.

So today I will introduce all of these three colors.

Mate Bike "Mate City" ¥ 275,000 (TAX IN) has more than 40 colors in the home country.
The colors that have arrived in Japan this time

From the left,

・ Golden Olive

・ True Blue

Three colors.

Anyway, SHOCKING PINK, noticeable powerful color

Golden Olive with a calm tone and luxurious

Refreshing handsome True Blue

And, even if you choose every color, you will be excited just by choosing it.

And it is a specification that is worrisome, but I summarized the following points.

First of all, the tires that have become compact.

By 62 % down compared to Mate X fat tires
Of course, small turns will work
With the large lower height, the adaptation height has expanded.
The genderless size that can be easily used by relatively petite people and women is attractive.

A display that is simpler and easier to see.

The mileage, speed, and battery level are easy to understand at a glance.
With a modern design, it has evolved into a more urban impression.

SHIMANO gears are 8 steps → 7 steps.

The gear was reviewed more compared to Mate X.

The best point is the body weight.

Because the frame body has become thin and slim
The total weight was 7 kg lighter than Mate X.

It is a very light impression even if you actually lift it up
That is the lightness that even women can be lifted without difficulty.
Because the body is small, compared to Mamachari, even with the same weight
It was easier to lift it.

As mentioned above, suspension before and after, powerful motors, etc.
The high specifications of Mate X are maintained at the same level
It has been greatly transformed into a light city riding specification,
Mate City that can be called's true hit.

The three colors introduced today are extremely low in stock
Like Mate X, it is probably expected to be sold out early.

Those who are worried, those who are worried
Please consider it as soon as possible.

Of course, there are also test rides at the store, so
If you want to ride first, please feel free to come to the store.


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