For those who are thinking about a new life.

It's already April.
I definitely said at the beginning of the year, but one year is really early.
Looking back at the smartphone gallery what I did last year, I was making cream soda with salted cherry blossoms.
teeth? pretty.

Speaking of April, the new year begins, so it is a season that breaks down in the year.
Speaking of which, will Mitz have been joining the company for a year?
This year, I will not welcome a new friend, but I feel like I have changed my mind.

As a case where you often consult at this time, it is also related to "new life".
I went to school and joined the company, so I changed my bicycle, and because the environment changed, I customized the fixes accordingly.
Until now, I had been consulted at the store, but I thought it would not help on the web because it was such a time.
It was up to you to create a new life in an online store.

I tried to make a focus bike that focused on commuting and commuting to school, and a convenient surrounding goods.
It's a miscellaneous display, but does it feel exciting on the contrary? I won't do it.

If you are thinking of a fixing to your new life, please take a look.
Of course, consultation on products that are not in this is also welcome.
Feel free to help yourself.


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