I'll do it! Garage sale ①

"One is all, all are one"

Apparently, survival for one month on an uninhabited island. This is Miya.

By the way, business is water.
If there is a product that comes in, there are also products that go out.
If there are popular products sold out immediately, there are some niche products that are difficult to sell.

And for some reason there is a "wave".

From us
Whether you can get on the big wave that occurs
Can it be sold or not?

And for the customer
The product I wanted

Can you get it or not?

The introduction has become longer
It's a blog title,
If you have a good intuition, will you notice?
That's right.
I'm coming. BIG WAVE, a used product! ! !

BUROTURES Kichijoji store, this weekend (5/29, 30)
I will do a garage sale! ! !

I will finally do it. I will do it.
For the last 10 days, it was a storm of used products in Hisabisa.
It was a storm or guerrilla. Unpredictable at all.

And at this time
I want to release the products accumulated in the reservoir at once.

This blog is a plan to "show" the contents of the worrisome thing for two consecutive nights.

A remarkable face of mania.
Don't miss it.

Are you ready?
Let's come.

I was quite lost.
First of all, this is it.

The logo enters the valve
It's not a big deal, but I'm happy.
I think it's relatively important to be concerned about the details.

And what is this valve? !

Of course this is the case.

Here's what I had.


Tires, spokes and hub crowds, total weight 850g

It's too much.

The greatness of this is that the rigidity is not odd at the same time as lightness.
It is very hard than other -company carbon wheels.
The strength transmitted when hitting the road surface is unintentionally "I see."

It is a Dont Think Feel gem.

By the way, here is the front hub.

Here is the rear hub.

A very "USA" finish where you can hear the sense of the previous owner.

Too good.
I wonder if I will bring it home without permission. (lie)

The next is this.

It is a body.

People who can understand this alone are really high.

I guess there are only two choices: "people on this" or "person looking for this".

I will show you a little.

This logo.

Of course not just stem caps.

The leaders who made the culture of the piste bike so famous so far
Collaboration with a long -established Italian store.

Moreover, the limited color of 2016.
Many people are looking for it.

Is there anyone who recently said "waiting people: coming" in a fortune?
This is probably.

I want to show the whole picture in the mountains
I can only show you so far today.
Look forward to the weekend! !

Now, let's go around this next time, considering the balance

came out. It's already beyond the category of "flying".

I just say the same thing, but it's light as usual.
And the disk form is too erotic (with words).

It is a simple and very favorite class.
(Because installation and setting are relatively easy)

It's cool that the ball hit is boiled down in microns.
I guess this is more recommended for riding and recommending people.

That's it today.




picture? Want to see a little more?

I can't help it.
Then special.

There is always this.


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