A unique chain ring has arrived from the ...

A new chain ring has arrived from Box14, a Dutch chain ring maker.
All are unique designs and specifications, and it is an item that makes your car piriri and spices.

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Their chain rings are made by cutting 7075 aluminum, which is also used in aircraft, with high -precision CNC.
I also love the mechanic Funamura beside the bro.

From this lot, the quality of finishing aluminum processing is increased from this lot.
The tags were tagged by Nederlandse Anodising, a long -established store of their brothers.
All V2 models have been "hardened aluminum", and have greatly improved their wear resistance and scratch resistance.

In addition, a new model called "Boxbuegel" (box Boygel) is available as a new work.

A design that secures rigidity despite its very lightweight at 88g.
When you actually pick it up, you can feel "Oh, Karu!"
It is a unique model with a simple but three -dimensional effect.

It matches as a moderate accent on a modern bike as well as a classic fix.

Both black and silver have a glossy finish that rarely reflects light.
It is also recommended for Leader and Dosnoventa, as well as steel bikes such as bicycle racing frames.

Since the manufacturer had no stock at all, only one or two models were available this time.
It is a brand that is not seen in Japan yet.
I think it's a perfect item for those who want something different from people but want to stick to quality.

If you are far away, you can purchase from the online store.

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