A new proposal for the undercarriage call...

Hello, this is Ren.

Today's blog is the arrival information of the parts again.

This time, about the new proposal of the undercarriage "Box14". A new chain ring has come in.

The handling has already begun at Brotures Yokohama, but it is also started at OSAKA.

I came all the way from the Netherlands. It will be a brand that started as a chain ring brand.

It provides items that tickle custom desire to the highly designed chain ring industry.

When we talk about the specifications of the chain ring itself, the material is aluminum. The 7075 aluminum, which is also used in aircraft, is cut out with high -precision CNC.

From this lot, the quality of finishing aluminum processing is increased from this lot.

The tags were tagged by Nederlandse Anodising, a long -established store of their brothers.

It seems that "hardening alumite" has been applied, and the wear resistance and scratch resistance have been dramatically improved.

The weight of the chain ring is 88g and very light. Despite the fact that the rigidity is well calculated.

It is only a design that suits any crank or frame, so I would like you to use it as a new option.

The price will be ¥ 24,200-INTAX.

The Osaka store also offers what you actually put on, so please take a look with your eyes.

Click here for details of BOX14 each model.


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