Let's revive a sleeping bicycle! !

Good evening! If you think that the GW is over, it will continue to be bad weather ... It's raining, and I can't commute by bicycle, so I'm a little depressed ... Well, it will be fine from tomorrow, so forgive me! And it looks like it's fine on Saturday! ! It was good to be the best event day -Saturday on the 14th was decided, so please open it! Leader X Vans asia Premier Tour ~ Tokyo ~ When these leisands gather, there are many people who want to get on the fixer again. ? What a quick pisto boom, the first generation of heroes are coming, so I think the person who was riding the fist at this time was a nose! ! So I would be grateful if you could take this opportunity again! ! However, it costs money to buy a new pist again ... but! ! At BROTURES, it is also possible to revive the bicycle that was originally riding and sleeping! ! It is such an image! !
↓ Only rusted parts and degraded parts have been replaced! !
This alone can ride comfortably enough, and I'm very happy that my car will be back! ! You can also do this! !
↓ Replace rusted parts and degraded parts. Furthermore, I did custom! !
After returning to a comfortable driving, the specifications go up further, so I think it feels so comfortable when you get on it! ! It's still nice to evolve my car. Many people are looking forward to riding a piste bike again! And let's excite this culture again! ! I would like to go according to your budget and hope, so I would like to consult first! We also accept telephone and email, so feel free to do it! ! We are waiting for you! ! Mazda BROTURES KICHIJOJI 0422-27-6155 kichijoji@brotures.com
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