The temperature is getting warmer, and it's the best season to ride a bicycle! Isn't there a lot of people who want to buy a bicycle at this time? ? So, what I recommend is, "replacing the frame"! ! ! ! If you are riding a piste bike right now, most parts can be used as it is, so You can get on a new frame with only the real frame fee and the replacement wage! ! I would like to recommend such a replacement frame ... Spain, Barcelona's leading frame maker [DOSNOVENTA]! ! Among them, here is the one that the seat post is integrated with the frame! ! ! ! ! "HOUSTON"! ! !
・ DOSNOVENTA HOUSTON Frame Set ¥ 200,000 (+Tax) "DOSNOVENTA HOUSTON, aluminum tube and a sitting -integrated frame. Uses Columbus' aluminum tube "Airplane" and built with a tabletette structure. Not only on streets, but also in truck competitions, durability that can withstand use without any problems. By setting the under size of the fork to 1/2, rigidity and durability are calculated. " The original color is "pink", but in this arrival, there are several "No Paint"! ! !
Many people have seen "DOSNOVENTA frames" with original colors on blog, SNS, etc. ? By doing paint custom, you can really make a "one fixie in the world"! ! Would you like to upgrade the next frame a little? ? The stock is very small, so we look forward to your early visit! Ayumu.
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