The new lineup Dosnoventa frames that have finally peeled the veil. The familiar frame has also been changed, and the rumored new faces have appeared at once. The main truck frame is these 5 models! DOSNOVENTA SEOUL FRAMESET ¥ 250,000 (+tax) DOSNOVENTA EDINBARGH FRAMESET ¥ 335,000 (+tax) DOSNOVENTA DETROIT 2.0 Pursuit Framest ¥ 165,000 (+tax) DOSNVOENTA HOUSTON FRAMESET ¥ 200,000 (+tax) DOSNOVENTA KUALA LUMPUR FRAMESET ¥ 165,000 (+Tax) I don't know where to convey it from the volumey anymore, but the most shocking was not Columbus, but a DEDACCIAI tube. It is probably the result of always seeking the latest. SEOUL is an aluminum-scandium alloy frame using rare metal "scandium", which is still low in the bicycle industry. A new face with a frame weight of 1350g and a fork weight of 350g, which is very lightweight and has a much lightweight rigidity than the conventional 7000s aluminum. Edinbargh is a special steel frame made by DEDACCIAI. DEDACCIAI can manufacture the only tipperbated hydroform touring in Europe. Dosnoventa's commitment to manufacturing in Europe, not in Asia. Hydro forming technology has pursued hardness in the frame. The familiar Detroit is now available as Detroit 2.0 Pursuit. A frame built with a triple vattet structure using 7005 aluminum. I feel a little lonely because it is no longer that yellow, but it became a black logo on silver. And HOUSTON, which was the most shocking, went to the horizontal frame instead of a seat post integrated type. Similar to Detorit, a triple vattet structure using 7005 aluminum. The color is a pink logo like HOUSTON in a black color reminiscent of space. The last is Kualalumpur. To a frame using 7005 aluminum. The head tube was straight with 1-1/8 without taper, and Kualalumpur was not changed significantly, but of course the tube was made of DEDACCIAI. The color was originally silver and black logo, but this time the model was black and silver logo. Leader is the same, but when the model change comes in, the tension rises from the heart. Some SEOUL are available a little, but the new faces will be in stock in the future. DOSNOVENTA is basically made to order and is handmade, so please contact us as soon as you wish. → Click here for inquiries ← Adatch 045-413-7875 [Brotures YOKOHAMA Road Blog]
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