This model has decided to change the characteristic seat tube from the next model "DOSNOVENTA HOUSTON" The arrival of this shape will be the last arrival. Concept -colored shocking pink in black parts, Polish the crank, the chain and gold to add playfulness.
"Ganwell (Ganwell) GW-5000" selected for the front wheel A unique design with "twist" added to 5 spokes with impact. By adding unevenness to the surface, it also eliminates anxiety about strength.
The crank is "Campagnolo (Campagnolo) Record Track" Campagnolo is known by creating art. The curved beauty of this record truck, which is famous as a masterpiece crank If you like bicycles beyond the genre, you can drink a cup while watching. As for the rotation accuracy and strength, it is nonsense to ask questions. Such a gem.
What I chose as a hub at the center of the wheels and the wheels "Paul Components" Developed for bicycles, Yaro developed for bicycles, for Yaro, The reason for this brand is to create parts that can like bicycles more. It is not as good as the same American national team Philwood (Filwood) Beautiful shine, high -precision processing technology, balanced design, etc. are as good as one. Below is the details of the parts. flame:Dosonoventa HOUSTON ¥ 200,000- Stem:Thomson x4 Stem ¥ 10,000- handle:CINELLI MASH Bullhorn ¥ 17,500- crank:Campagnolo Record Track (including BB) ¥ 53,000- F Wheel: GANWELL 5Spoke Wheel ¥ 130,000- R hub:Paul Componets Track Rear ¥ 21,000- R Lim: H Plus Son (H Plus Sun) SL-42 ¥ 10,000- tire:Continental (Continental) GATOR SKIN ¥ 5,500- Saddle: SAN MARCO (San Marco) MANTRA CARBON FX ¥ 28,000- Chain: KMC (Caemushi) K710H ¥ 3,500- (All display prices are excluding tax) HOUSTON CUSTOM BIKE orders can be accepted from ¥ 295,500 (excluding tax). In the case of a loan 24 times First time ... ¥ 16,082- After that ... ¥ 13,800- The frame of the final arrival of this shape Please contact the store directly because you cannot order from the mail order site. → Click here to make a reservation ← 03-6804-3115 763
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