Anyway, I want to make KMC Z710 Gold Chai...

This is a super personal recent recent way.
KMC Z710SL GOLDCHAIN ​​¥ 3,500 The KMC Z710 is a chain that shines and is a chain, but has a strange presence. Originally, it is recognized as a BMX chain, but it should play a role in the tough run of the fixie bike. It's not so light, and I'm just removing the meat, and I get more attached. smile
No matter how skids you do or attack the rough line. This is the most important thing when you assemble a piste bike. And GOLD may be a surprisingly shunning color, but even black, white or colored, it is surprisingly addictive to any frame color. Speaking of which, I was pleased if the rapper Aklo came to play the other day and recommended this chain and put it on.
This chain is too cool for DOSNOVENTA TOKYO. smile Even so, TOKYO looks good ... Currently, I am desperate to make this gold chain boom at the Harajuku store. (Personally) If you want to change your running comfort at a low price, please contact us anytime because it is an unexpectedly overlooked item. Please give me Z710SL GOLDCHAIN ​​to your favorite car. → Click here to order ← 03-6804-3115 Yusuke
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