Kichijoji "Group Ride" will be held !!

Hello! This week, we will also hold a glue pride at the Kichijoji store! ! This time, I will also practice tricks as a ride! ! The place is Koganei Park. In terms of distance, is it about 7 km one way? I want to do trick practice after arriving at Koganei Park! ! Let's sweat well with a moderate ride and tricking after arriving at the site! ! Of course, anyone who can trick or who cannot do it will participate. The staff wants to be learned, so even beginners should join us with confidence! ! Let's practice together and get better! ! Koso training alone is good alone, but it is more fun to practice together, and it should be quicker. Later, I'm not ashamed. smile Also, if you go to a park at night, you will be suspicious ... I will ride and trick with a feeling, so please join us! Please check the details below. Meeting place: Brotures Kichijoji Date and time: June 18th (Sat), around 19:15 Start: Around 20:00 Distance: about 15km (round trip) Destination: Koganei Park Please brake and light at your own risk. We look forward to your participation. CAMY BROTURES KICHIJOJI TEL: 0422-27-6155 Email:
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