I want you to know the "quality" of handm...

Hello, this is Ren.

Today's blog is the most cost -effective handmade frame "Don Classico" that you can buy at Brotures right now.

It is an original frame of Dontzer and Brotures, which produces the NJS frame, making it a frame that is insane, such as design and pipe selection.

In fact, the ride was the best.

You can feel the "iron squirming", which is often said in the chromoly frame, and realizes stress -free rides.

Before seeing the whole, let's look at the looks of the frame again.

Dontzer x Broturs Don Classico Frame Set ¥ 132,000-INTAX

You can see that the frame making is even more beautiful thanks to the finished paint only with clear paint to show the base of the iron.

It is a frame that is really particular about changing the welding method according to the pipe.

This custom is going to slip back in time at that time.

Like this.

The slender frame is greatly suitable for the guts and the attacked bullhorn.

While unifying all black, it looks like a casual gold with a frame logo.


The front and rear wheels are set with Brotures's best impact bastard "SHRED88".

This 88mm rim hats, this wheel, is always a popular item because it is addicted to any frame.

Of course, the running comfort is compatible with Don Classico, and the riding taste is the best due to the synergistic effect of chromoly and the softness of carbon.

Chris King 1inch Headset ¥ 29,700-INTAX

The good thing about this frame is a 1 -inch head. This is a frame where you can use Chris King.

Because it is an ahead standard, the stem can be used with the mainstream and the width of the handle can be used considerably.

The specifications are easy to handle, despite the classic looks.



The handle and stem are refreshed without claiming on Nitto.

By using a 25.4 clamp handle, you can balance the frame suddenly around the handle.

This bullhorn has a good taste again. It is a handle that is easy to grasp because it is designed with moderate shoulders.

Crank: DURA-ACE FC-7710 Crank ¥ 66,000-INTAX

The Dura-Ace crank is set with an octarink type FC-7710.

This is a special one with black anodized. This is really cool.

We are now preparing Dura-ACE, which is now more difficult to get out of price due to price rising, at a limited price that has been added to the old price to the old price.

How was it.

I feel that it has become a royal road and the most fascinating custom.

I want you to ride the best frame in the best way. Please feel free to contact us as we can prepare the remaining four.


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