Nice crack! !

I went to the Van Gogh exhibition.
I'm used to a complete reservation system.

Apparently, the schedule is troublesome from the moment you set up. This is Miya.

By the way, today we are checking the customer bike.
By the way, this time the content is too thick, so I will deliver it in two parts.

Leader 735TR CUSTOM \ ASK

This time, we also made a very special one.

From a distance, it looks like a normal 735TR "Gross White" custom,
Actually, it is an order from the frame paint.

Moreover, it is not the usual monochromatic order but an order for "crack painting".

This time, I asked Mr. Tsuruoka and came back with odd quality.

Crack painting is a so -called "crack pattern".
It looks like a technique that is often used for painting motorcycles and helmets.
This is my first time seeing the real thing.

The single color paint is ¥ 50,000 ~
The crack paint will be applied.

This area fluctuates depending on the specifications, so please contact us for details.

It is the logo of this chain stay that really wraps the tongue every time.

The beauty that the degree of reproduction is no longer genuine.
It doesn't become a word.

Speaking of custom paint, I think many people feel the hurdle in terms of price.
Considering that it will definitely become a frame of "only one in the world"
I think it's a good shopping.

Those who have been riding so far will not only add paint to become more attached by cars.
If you are going to start with the set, if you can order as a set before purchasing,
The cost is only for painting and there is no assembly wage. (This is a great deal.)

Please take a look.

Next time, we will focus on the custom content you are interested in, so please look forward to it.


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