Modern Classics

Today we are introducing a popular METRO custom bike with reasonable and simple silhouettes.
It is a very excellent METRO that is easy to customize in terms of price, standard, and appearance,
This time, I finished it into a modern rassic one.

Local Bikes Metro Custom Bike

While taking advantage of the simple silhouette of METRO, the color of the tires and saddles.
Contrary to the calm impression, it is a custom that allows you to riding an aggressive city.

The bullhorn has many hands, so you can take various positions.
It is easy to tilt forward from the relaxing position and put power.
It is a handle that tends to be selected by appearance but can respond to many situations.


This tire is a very important factor in the meaning of dress -up, but whether you like it.
If it is a quick and stylish custom, side skin tires are essential.
Cute is justice.

San Marco's Regal is one of the saddles that is a bit exciting, "Wow!
I tend to hide in the shadows of concalles and flights, but I like it very fashionable.
However, it is fatally compatible with my ass. 。
Is this unrequited love rewarded?

Selle San Marco Regal

How was this custom this time?
There is no flashy impact like Leader, but I like it with a fancy feeling.
I think it was one of the simplicity and custom properties of METRO with a good salt plum.

A versatile player who can do commuting, commuting to school and holiday activities, and tricks.
How was METRO if you are going to challenge the fix?


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