Sporty feels healthier.

I started riding a sports bike to eliminate the lack of exercise.
I decided to run well, but I decided on a fixie that is easy to use everyday.
I don't bother to ride a bicycle, but I want to ride this guy if I move.
When I commute to work with a fix, I was a little happy because the tough road was not so painful now.

If you match my lifestyle now, it doesn't feel like a sporty.
I like to move my body, but I want a little relaxed atmosphere.
Then the word healthy comes perfectly.
Feeling like fitness that can be made in plain clothes.
It's not a bicycle, but I like this day a lot.

I thought it would be a racy when binding on the bracket brake, but it was easy to incorporate it into my lifestyle.
In the coming season, if you put a minimum of luggage in a handle bag because your back is hot, it will be just right without any excess or shortage.
The tires are a little thicker because the settings that can run firmly, so this is a good salt plum.

DOSNOVENTA LOS Angeles Frame Set

The theme of this custom bike is "Healthy".
Recently, I didn't feel like a sporty personally, so I wanted a healthy and healthy one.

Binding pedals for bracket brakes and fixed gears are quite hard setting, but depending on how other parts are adjusted, it will be a very good salt plum.
Binding has a hurdle to introduce it, but I just want to recommend it because it can be run easily, so I especially recommend it to those who commute or go to school.


Choose the tires a little thicker so that the ride comfort does not become too hard.
I don't want to run dulling, but it's a lightweight frame setting that can run firmly and soft feeling is easy and nice.
It seems to be a hot combination, but it is a combination that goes well with city riding.


Chrome DoubleTrack Handlebar Sling Bag

And this handle bag is also a liver.
It doesn't go to a touring bike, but it's just right for everyday use for wallets, smartphones, punk kits and snacks.
You don't have to do your best and run fast, and if you get tired, take a break and fill your hungry.
Just healthy.

The lifestyle is ten colors.
If you enjoy the custom freely accordingly, every day will be a little interesting.
I hope this custom bike will be helpful.
If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.


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