Hello everyone.
It is GORI of BROTURES Harajuku.
GORI was added immediately. smile

The new frame I got this time is TOKYO of DOSNOVENTA.
This frame is the only full carbon frame in Dosnoventa
It is a high -end model of DOSNOVENTA.
I think the brand's biggest attraction is that Dosnoventa frames, which are good at street race scenes such as Red Hook Crit, can be cornered even if the BB height is set high and does not slow down.

The high -modulus carbon material used in DOSNOVENTA TOKYO is a full carbon frame composed of extremely strong materials in carbon.
The ride is rigid and does not escape the power, and the rowing force is an image that joins the whole bicycle, so you can feel another dimension.
However, it is supple, and it is characterized by the fact that even if you drive long distances, the carbon impact loss performance makes it difficult to accumulate fatigue.

In addition, the TOKYO frame is created one by one by Northern Italian frame craftsmen, and then reaches our shop after many endurance tests.
I am proud that the elaborate frames are named Tokyo, the Japanese city where we live.
With that feeling, this time I decided to embark on TOKYO.

This is my tokyo.
The Leader 735TR added original paint and used a lot of Blue, my favorite color, and asked for originality,
Regarding this TOKYO, we selected parts that do not disturb the standing with a modern and chic appearance of the frame.
What I was conscious of overall is that it does not disturb the beautiful curve, which was the first impression of the texture of the mat and the TOKYO frame.

Choose DOSNOVENTA original carbon wheels on the front and rear wheels.
The 60mm rim hats carbon diprim is not too heavy and not too light, making it the perfect wheel for street rides.
The hub used for the original wheels has a surprising rotation performance, so you don't know that once you start rowing.
Used, Dosnocenta's wheels are the most recommended carbon wheels now because of the finished carbon wheels with a fairly high -level rotation performance.
By the way, the carbon pattern is also set according to the UD and the frame.

I chose Dosnoventa for the handle stem.
The handle and stem used in 735TR will be ENVE,
When I went to the town, I set the DOS component to go to the town.
It is an individual impression, but the handle itself is softer than ENVE,
I am worried about a little bitterness.
Regarding the handle in the future, you may change it to an ENVE that you like riding, but I have a strong desire to leave the beauty of the silhouette when viewed from the side of a flat bar, so I think this is the case for the time being. ! smile

My favorite Chris King was indispensable for this car body assembly.
Once attached, there is no doubt that the trust of the headset that will always create smooth handling performance will not be broken once.
I usually want to set a Blue color, but as I mentioned at the beginning, this time, Black to give a sense of unity between frames and parts.
If you put a headset named KING, you will not be able to worry about custom or maintenance here, so you can continue riding the city with confidence.

ROTOR ALDHU for the crank.
The crank arm that is neatly drained using the 7000s aluminum
It was a perfect crank for me who was rowing.
The response from the crank that I feel every time I row is so happy that I feel joyful.
The hardness of the crank that does not lose, no matter how strong you step on it is addictive. smile
For a crank that is an important custom point in searching for speed, you may want to make money even if you can't.
The chain ring can be said to be a heretic part of the truck competition.
Select Digirit chain ring.
The smoothness of the Digirit chain ring, which is used in 735TR, is a part that you want to convey with everyone in mind.
Speaking of chain rings, I thought about Sugino Zen, but this is a chain ring that I would definitely like to try for those who are not only light.
By the way, the pedal is a vinding pedal.

The set of Paul was always a standard in ONE by ESU,
This time, it wasn't my favorite set, but I could only think of SRAM FORCE calipers that match the form of the frame.
Of course, the braking force that stops firmly is also well -formed, so it is used for the first time, but it is safe to keep the batch!
Regarding the brake lever, the lever of TEKTRO, a beautiful curved beauty, is set.
While I wanted to unify it with black, I was worried about putting it on to the end because silver would enter, but I took the beauty of the form.
Of course, this lever is also recommended because the touch feeling of the brake is also outstanding!

TOKYO, a new body I got, has been assembled like this!
I have been riding a lot of aluminum frames with CURE, Los Angeles, 735TR, but I feel that the first full carbon frame that I rode was honestly surprising.
I'm riding a 20km one way on a one -way commuting, but fatigue is hard to accumulate due to the impact absorption power unique to carbon, and rowing is as smooth as before.
Isn't there a lot of difference in carbon? I was doubted, but honestly.
Carbon frame is the best.
The only thing that seems to be because of the many aluminum frames is that if you want speed and comfort, you should ride a carbon frame even if you have money.
Of course, the aluminum frame is also a good frame.
However, once you straddle the carbon, it is not enough.
If you want to speed around the city and get on, you should start riding carbon.
When I go to work, TOKYO can be tested, so if you are interested, please let us know.

Don't forget to take a break and hydration when you run in the scorching sun!

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