My 735-Part 2

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That's this feeling. Chiyo Ross is a guy. Are you watching a taiga drama? The wife of Eiichi Shibusawa that Ai Hashimoto is doing is very good. I died last week. I was sad. When I came out last week, I was almost crying.

Perhaps the bride who saw it was jealous. (No). I come to overwrite the Chiyo statue in me with a malicious deformed imitation. NHK is good recently. Surprisingly I like TV, NHK is my favorite channel. The second place is J Sports. Well, most people grew up with their moms and grew up through genius. It's already stuck. You can see the heat fighting Koshien, but the relay in the daytime is NHK. It's great that Darwin has come. The end of the year is a live -action photo of Rohan Kishibe. Yaba! I'm glad I paid the reception fee.

Here is the wheel that we assembled while thinking about such things.

I made a wheel for 735 I ride. The specification is like this.

F rim is a masterpiece. The name F is burnt. I wish I had the name of the yakitori shop that I tried to make. Shamo. It's a good rim. White Ind, which I wanted to use for a long time on this occasion. The front is a lightweight T11 model, and when assembled with F35, it fits into a wheel weight of about 600g. It is very light at 20h. The rear is a truck 32H. Large -diameter flange flange on a barrel -shaped body. A stupid cool with a brass nut. The only thing that gets into the buttocks is that the fixed gear is a dedicated spline structure, but this time it is also the heart.

A strong, beautiful and dedicated wheel was created. It's like Chiyo. I just want to say.

I want to see the taiga today, so I will go home early.


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