Let's make a good wheel.

PHILWOOD products have been available for the first time in a long time.
From classic hubs, BB, seat clamps to chemicals.
After all, if the Phil is out of stock, the custom of the fist will feel unsatisfactory as Barça without Messi.

And the Easton rim is restocked when the PHILWOOD hub arrives.
I immediately purchased this.

Easton R90 SL TL-Ready

It does not fit in a lightweight category, but it is not heavy.
The joints are so high processing accuracy and rigidity that cannot be seen visually.
Combined with the wide rim design, it can be finished in a tough and stable wheel.

The compatibility between this rim and Philwood is very good.
I think the definition of good wheels depends on the rider, but I don't think it's easy to ride this wheel for town riding.

Many color hubs are available this time.
The alumite of PHILWOOD is really beautiful.
It is also recommended to try it as a design or accent of your favorite car.

Philwood High Flange Track Hub Color Anodized

PHILWOOD LOW FLANGE Track Hub Color Anodized

Custom wheel consultation is very smooth if you use the following order form as well as telephone, e -mail, SNS, as well as SNS.

<< Custom Wheel Order Form >>>

And good news for everyone who read it to the end.
The chain ring of PHILWOOD that was secretly ordered is available.


Super cool. 。 。
The number of teeth is 48t and only one black and polish.
It's a very rare item so it's first come, first served!


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