Deluxe Cycles apparel!

Based on Brooklyn, New York, a messenger sacred place [ Deluxe Cycles ] I think that there are many people who know it in a cycle shop that handles a wide range of roads, trucks, and MTB. Speaking of track bikes, Affinty, No.22, LOW, etc. are very popular shops. I personally liked it, and Deluxe knew about Brotures, so I was able to arrive this apparel. Hoody and coach jacket that are perfect for the current climate will be the main.

Deluxe CYCLES CASUAL HAND HOODIE [BLACK] ¥ 10,000 (+tax)

(180cm L size wearing)

Deluxe Cycles Coaches Jacket [Black] ¥ 12,800 (+tax)

(166cm M size wear) This coach jacket is a collaboration product with CADENCE.

Deluxe CYCLES CASUAL HAND T-SHIRT [BLACK] ¥ 4,900 (+tax)

(180cm L size wearing) The size has already been missed. Only one set of wheel set is available.

Deluxe Cycles Carbon 35mm Track Wheelset ¥ 148,000 (+tax)

A wide rim that is now popular with a 35mm rim height. A wheel set made by DELUXE CYCLES mechanic using CX-Ray for the spoke. Speaking of which, the Deluxe staff also added this as an extra.
I will win one point by purchasing the Deluxe item with the quick win. If you have any questions such as the size of the apparel, please contact BROTURES YOKOHAMA (045-413-7875). Adatch
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