The treasured child is released.

Three days left to leave the 2018 sale. Finally, I want to release a treasured child of the Osaka store. This is the last Cinelli Mash Histograph. A pashute frame born in a collaboration with Mash, a prestigious Italian chinelli and a Fix -dubikal culture. Geometry looks like a pashute, because it is designed to be conscious of the street, so it is easy to turn around while retaining the instantaneous power of the track bike. This is where many riders are loved. The fourth work only for Histograph? Although it is a little unpleasant, the gradation design, which is the symbol of this series, is applied only to the back of the stay and the fork, and the whole is a black color scheme and the color scheme is fresh even now. The only tapered head is adopted in successive Histograph. At that time, I remember that the domestic distribution of chineri was extremely small, and it was sold out immediately. We do not accept any questions about why they came out now, but we will offer them at the sale price.

CINELLI MASH HISTOGRAM 2015 Framest ¥ 150,000- →¥125,000-

By the way, the size is S (54).Japanese golden size perfect for those who are 165-175cm tall. It's good to keep only the frame down,Piggybacked on the parts saleYou may want to make a slightly advantageous complete bike. It is a completely new unused frame that is not assembled as an exhibition car. Please feel free to contact the contacts below for any questions, as only one is in stock at the Osaka store. Junki → Click here for inquiries ← 06-4391-3313
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