Just changing the wheel will make the app...

Hello everyone. It is GORI of BROTURES Harajuku.

The cold days continue every day, but thanks to the clear air unique to winter, it feels really good on sunny days!

On the day of the nice holidays, I take a walk in the park with my dog, but I will play with all my might so much that I will be happy, and my tiredness will blow away.

Of course, cycling is recommended for refreshing with a fixie bike, so please go out with a fixie on a holiday without saying that the outside is cold.


I will move on to the main subject here, and today I would like to introduce a Beastie custom bike that appeared from Tyrant Bikes!

Nevertheless, this custom only changed the front and rear wheels of the custom vehicle that I introduced earlier,

This is also a pretty nice picking piste bike, so I will introduce it without regret.

If you likeThe previous blogPlease take a look while feeling the difference together.

Tyrant Bikes Beastie Frame Set ¥ 93,500-Tax included

Tyrant Bikes Beastie Normal completed car ¥ 188,100-tax included

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As you can see, please also enjoy the previous custom photo

As I mentioned at the beginning, this time only the front and rear wheels were customized.

Originally set up the wheels of the brand CORIMA, the lightness of the wheel, the rotation performance of the bearing, the durability, and the appearance were perfect.

I thought that the front and rear deep rims were masts to realize the loading, which existed as the base of this assembly, so I chose HED luxuriously!

If you want to be honest only, you can attach the original SHRED88 or 60 of Brotures, but I wanted to assemble the car body that I sticked to.

I selected so that the running performance does not change a minor change.


HED JET RC6 F/R ¥ 104,500/119,020-Tax included

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If you're on the fix, you'll probably have seen it, and talk a little about the brand called HED,

The company was born in Minnesota, USA in 1984, and is a bicycle component manufacturer that pursues the highest and fastest.

We are currently conducting most of the manufacturing and assembly at our own factories, concerned about domestic production in the United States.

The wheels, rims, and handles created from the HED are famous for their high quality.

Above all, the three -baton wheel called GT3 was a famous item, and it was a baton wheel that the fixians longed for.

And the feature of the JET RC series attached this time is a hybrid wheel that combines aluminum rim and carbon.

In this wheel, highly accurate HED aluminum rims and aerodynamic cavalt corbons have a variety of track records in races around the world.

The use of aluminum rims enables high spoke tension, enabling driving stability and rigidity in wide rims.

It is a fairly gorgeous finish, such as using SAPIM CX-Ray for each spoke and making the inner nipple specification.

There is no doubt that it is the highest wheel of carbon wheel.


This time, we introduced a custom vehicle with only the wheels.

Not only the appearance changes, but this custom is a custom that allows you to enjoy changes in the ride.

The custom that causes a major change in driving performance is the part of wheels.

Customers who want to change the current ride comfort, including carbon wheels, as well as hand -assembled wheels.

How about changing the wheel?



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