BEASTIE was delivered at the Harajuku sto...

Hello everyone! It is GORI of BROTURES Harajuku.

I finally entered December from yesterday, so it was so cold that I pulled out Heattech.

If you get on the fix, it will gradually become warmer, but honestly it is cold enough to be able to say such a thing anymore.

A hot body, which seems to blow away such a cold, has traveled from BROTURES Harajuku to the customer, so I will introduce it!


Tyrant Bikes Beastie ¥ 93,500-Tax included

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I think that the title is already bald, but the HOT body delivered today just appeared as a New model the other day from Tyrant Bikes.

I didn't expect it to reach the customer so quickly, so I was looking forward to the upcoming staff!

Originally, I was originally riding a chromoly body called Local Bikes Metro, and I had no choice but to customize it.

Each part is stuck in each part, and the parts that are packed with their thoughts are replaced as they are, so we can feel some nostalgia in our staff.

The front is 5 batons of Encore, and the rear is the original brotures SHRED60 for the rear.

I really like this personal combination.

I have 5 batons myself, so if you choose a baton, I always recommend 5! (I just like the appearance, but lol)

By choosing SHRED60, it is the most COOL because the front and rear wheels do not have much variation.

The detailed parts are mainly based on Thomson, and the saddle is set with the royal road brand of leather parts.

Thomson's silver spacer matches the rim side of Encore and the silver chain.

Kota wrote it on the blog yesterday, but if you use silver parts at key points, you will feel a moderate sense of omission ◎.

The owner of this body, in fact, will be the customer who just delivered Metro about a month ago!

In the past month, I was addicted to the fixie bike, and at that time, BEASTIE, my favorite look, appeared.

It seems that the purchase came as it was.

I'm honestly happy that I learned about the fun of the fist with METRO, which is handled by BROTURES as an introduction to the fist, and I was able to step up on a new body.

We will continue to do our best so that you can continue to convey the fun of the piste bike!



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