Nowadays the silver is clear.

Hello, this is Kazu.

I went to the sauna with Mitz's brov from the Yokohama store. Well, I was able to ton.

In the summer of last year, I gathered with Kusunoki once a week, practiced tricks, ate dinner, went to the sauna, and returned.

One day, it disappeared, and the opportunity to go to the sauna has become about once a month,

Mitz's blog I saw there. Yesterday, the trick school had a flowing time due to rain, so I went there to go.

The temperature of the sauna room is about 95 degrees in a local bathhouse, but this bathhouse has no space to bathe outside.

Instead, the "penguin sauna" temperature is about 0 degrees and is about the same as winter outside air.

So a set of sauna → water bath → penguin sauna.

Sauna 1st 7 minutes → 2nd 10 minutes → 3rd time 13 minutes, one of the important elements in the sauna is TV.

It's pretty tough if this is an information program or a drama, and if you decide on the weekly day of the week, you can enjoy it, but it's different.

Yesterday, the best combination of "Sanma's Upon Improvement Committee" from "IPPON Grand Prix", and on the contrary, it is troublesome to have an interesting program that is so out of the timing to get out of the sauna. smile

Please try to experience the "legal flying way" for everyone, the most well -prepared and better sleep.

By the way, the story that has nothing to do with the blog content has become longer, but to the main subject.

The base body is often introduced on Dosnoventa Detroit, blogging, but after all, it is an image with many aggressive customs, taking advantage of Detorit's characteristic pashute.

This time, I tried to make it aggressive and better like a city ride,

As if you insert silver parts into various places and draw

The accent color is also incorporated in the wheel,

Not only frames but also other parts are quite rare to line up at store stock!

DOSNOVENTA Detroit Frame Set ¥ 174,900-INTAX

Brotures Wiver Rim x Digirit Track Hub

Front ¥ 90,665- / Rear ¥ 101,640-INTAX

Stock wheel with bronze spokes with good accents.

A good combination of WIVER x Digirit, the hub is a carbon material, so you can get lightweight!

Furthermore, this bronze spoke is not just the appearance,

It is made of specially processed stainless steel material, and it is less likely to decrease the tension than conventional products, and the elbow part of the elbow part has improved.

This is the only stock wheel that this spoke is currently used!

Ritchey MTN Classic Bar ¥ 7,590-INTAX

Thomson X4 Silver 10 ° 90mm ¥ 14,000-INTAX

The affordable silver handle that has recently arrived is a little uploading, but it doesn't rise too much, so it seems to be familiar with any ride.

If it's a no -cut, it's too long, so it's easier to ride it by cutting it to your favorite length.

If you want to stabilize the handling on the wide eyes!

Many people are attracted to the beauty of the stable Thomoson silver, the beauty of the shaved form.

I put a little left in the store!


The saddle custom was selected by Serita's Flite Racer. This is easy to sit again.

Ride is super easier by making the saddle top thicker and softer than a normal model.

The character color is a frame color in the same color, and it is a fashionable technique.

SUGINO 75 Criterium Crank Set ¥ 96,800-INTAX

The crank is a bicycle racer purveyor SUGINO SG75, and Black has not been certified, but there is no doubt that it is a trusted part.

The chain ring is also unified with Sugino, and the back is dropped by CNC and lighter.

The cartridge BB is included, so it turns well and is grateful that it is maintenance -free.


GORDITO seems to be chubby, cute.

It is a pedal that is easy to step on even for beginners because the step surface is wide.

The biggest feature is that you can use both the strap and the clip, and you can use the strap today with the mood of the day without changing the pedal.

Thankfully, we have many orders, and both black and yellow are limited to the size.

If you are worried, be really early.

The S size is prepared as a store exhibition car, so if you want to check the size, be sure to check it at the store.


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