To the person who is forwarding forward a...

Starting with Kagero, which was just in stock last week, Angelino, CURE, etc.

We have received many inquiries to customers visiting the store and the Pashute Frame Body, such as official LINE, Instagram, telephone, etc.!

As I mentioned many times on my blog, I myself made my piste debut, because it was the beauty of the pashute frame.

I'm glad that those who are looking for a piste bike for the first time or are thinking about changing from the horizontal frame have increased. Thank you.

This time, we will introduce each of the pashute frame models that are downwards!


Tyrant Bikes Kagero Frame Set ¥ 132,000-Tax included

Tyrant Bikes Kagero completed car ¥ 242,000-tax included

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The first thing I would like to introduce is Kagero. If it comes out like this, is it honestly terrible? smile

But we also like this body.

This Kagero, which is synonymous with the pashute frame on the street, is a tremendous lightness of 1.9 kg in a frame set.

The overwhelming lightness is achieved by using the 6069 series, which is the finest aluminum.

The front fork also uses a full carbon fork, and the burden on the vibration on the arm is reduced by the carbon, so there is no omission in the driving performance.

The highlight is scoopout processing on the seat tube. The beauty that makes you feel precious.

If you get on the gem frame that is packed with the details, you will have a sense of acceleration and sharp and sharp maneuvering performance from the vehicle body.


DOSNOVENTA DETROIT frame set ¥ 174,900-tax included

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Another car body that you should not forget with a pashute frame.

Spain is DOSNOVENTA's only pashute frame, which is a brand from Barcelona.

This car body may have been jealous recently because only Kagero has been introduced recently. smile

Pashute model composed of high -quality aluminum tubes made by Columbus.

This frame that reigns at the top of aluminum alloys in terms of light weight and strength, and uses 7000s aluminum, which is also used in the aviation and space development industry.

To be precise, the aluminum alloy of No. 7005 is even lighter than the 6000s.

By increasing the synthesis firmly, the power transmitted is very good and the power is obediently transmitted.

As the brand name suggests, the high BB height design called "290" will reduce the crank on the ground during cornering.

It is a special frame for people who want to skip on the street and attack the cornering!


LEADER ANGELINO completed car ¥ 143,000-tax included

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Lastly, I introduced Leader®︎'s only chromoly frame, Angelino.

Until a while ago, it was an introduction of a lightweight aluminum frame, but even chromoly has a pashute frame!

The thin, beautiful and sophisticated appearance Angelino has been a very popular body since its debut three years ago.

Isn't that a man who doesn't like the ruggedness of burning?

The new color champagne gold is also a finish that creates an unprecedented adult.

The chromoly frame with a mild and excellent riding comfort is durable ◎

Angelino can wear thick tires called 32c, so not only the street scene,

It is the perfect one for adventure ride.


This time, I introduced the recommended pashute frame of BROTURES Harajuku.

Honestly, there are still more attractiveness that cannot be conveyed by words.

All the vehicles introduced today are on display at the store, so if you have time, please come to the store.

And finally.

The pashute frame is slightly larger due to its unique shape.

Therefore, if you are worried about frame size, be sure to consult the staff.

We will consult with all the staff so that we can give a special one to our customers!

Of course, we look forward to your consultation on the official LINE and Instagram, so please feel free to contact us.

Well then, See you tomorrow!




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