New Tyrant "Beastie"

The long -awaited second model has been released from Tyrant Bikes.
The model name is "BEASTIE".
While following the first model Kagero, it is a simpler and tough bike.

~ Anti Negative Elements ~

"A modern society where traffic and information intersect.
Beastie was born to survive this urban jungle.
This bike consisting of a light and thick aluminum tube set and a full carbon fork
Enrich your lifestyle with a unique approach called Fixed Gear. ""

Tyrant Bikes Beastie Frame Set Polish Matte

Tyrant Bikes Beastie Frame Set Black Matte

Two colors, black and polish, matte finish.
The elegant and beautiful finish and the powerful silhouette are attractive.

Beastie is more durable and suitable for harder riders compared to Kagero.
Hydroforming is applied to 6061-T4 and T6 aircraft aluminum, realizing a thick tube set without sacrificing weight.
It is tailored to adapt to an unpredictable concrete jungle.

Of course, the brake uses an international routine for Japan.
The brake can be installed without impairing the simple appearance.
It is a motorcycle where you can enjoy a single road with freelance gears as well as fixed gear.

Release starts from November 26, 2021.
You can purchase at each BROTURES store or online store.