Tyrant Bikes New model "Beastie" appeared!

Hello everyone, it's GOTI of BROTURES Harajuku!

Immediately, I have created a kagero with that ultra -light aluminum frame from today,

A new model has appeared from Tyrant Bikes!

We are introduced on Instagram at each BROTURES store early this morning, so many people may already know it, but

This New model has already been transmitted to the "BEASTI" name, but we have immediately created a custom car body for the Harajuku store, so I will introduce the details of the model. think.


Tyrant Bikes Beasti Frame Set ¥ 93,500-Tax included

Tyrant Bikes Beasti Brotures Original completed car ¥ 188,100

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First of all, we will introduce the frame called Tyrant Bikes Beasti, the leading role of today.

BEASTI, born from Tyrant this time, is different from Kagero, which is characteristic of Pashute Frame, which creates an aggressive forward leaning posture.

We adopt a horizontal frame with outstanding riding.

Therefore, it is very suitable for medium -long rides, reducing that disgusting neck and waist spiciness born by rowing in a forward leaning posture.

It is a highly recommended form for those who are thinking of purchasing and replacing a fixie bike with a view to commuting, commuting, and long -distance travel.

The frame is formed as well as aluminum material, and it is truly Tyrant.

The aluminum material used for BEASTI is called high -roofing aluminum for aircraft on T4 and T6 in the 6061s.

We are creating a frame with a processing method that is suitable for improving durability!

Therefore, it feels a little weight compared to Kagero, but the durable performance is outstanding.

I think the long -lasting frame is a really strong ally for us who are the main use of everyday use.

As long as it is really thankful that it has an international cable specification for Japan where you can not ride without a brake.

This will also live well as the frame as it is, so it goes well with any parts setting.

By the way, the color development is a matte finish process, two colors, polished and black.


Next, let's introduce the parts that have been set up!

The theme this time is a fixie bike that I want people on road bikes to ride by all means.

We have done detailed parts choice with the theme here, so please take a look!

ROTOR ALDHU TRACK SPIDER ¥ 18,260-Tax included

Rotor 3D Crank Arms ¥ 35,860-Tax included

ROTOR TRACK30 BSA Steel ¥ 13,860-Tax included

Digirit chain ring ¥ 24,700-tax included

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The main engine of the fixie bike will be the person who rows, but how the power transmitted from the leg strength is transmitted to the body without loss.

I always think that it is very important for fixie bikes.

Also, Rotor's direct crank arrived ahead of that idea.

I still remember that VEGAST was sold out in a blink of an eye, which was restocked this summer.

ALDHU, which is finally higher than the VEGAST this fall, has returned to the store.

The crank arm luxuriously uses 7055 aluminum, lightweight performance, which is made of fine meat removal.

The unique rigidity of the material is a crank that has a unique taste!

The chain ring chooses Digirit in order to further make lightweight performance.

Lightness, accuracy, and durability are very great Digirit. To be honest, I am Sugino Zen, but the smoothness I feel when I turn the pedal is so comfortable that I can understand it.


CORIMA 4 Spoke HR ¥ 147,400-Tax included

CORIMA 47mm pisto tubler ¥ 95,700-tax included

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By setting up a bearing of excellent performance to the front and rear wheels, it always realizes a comfortable driving performance.

I set the CORIMA wheel.

Originally, CORIMA, which originally produced molds and models for the casting factory, cars, especially in the aviation field, has been diversifying carbon positive products since around 1988, and has always been the carbon wheel industry's best carbon wheel industry. It is a long -established manufacturer that reigns to the front.

Even though it is a long -established store, you can always feel the heat of making things, such as creating a four -piece baton of design, as never before.

With a high -performance bearing called ceramic speed bearing in a cool look, a golden stick wheel is just for the demon.

The front is like a piste, and the rear is set with a 47mm height carbon rim wheel, which is not too much street pist.

It is a city ride specification that also keeps the crosswind of town riding.


ENVE ROAD BAR ¥ 51,480-Tax included

ENVE STEM ¥ 40,480-Tax included

ENVE SEATPOST ¥ 40,480-Tax included

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Fine components have been unified with high -strength, lightweight and high rigidity.

The theme this time is a fixie bike making that I want to ride on a road bike, so I'm quite concerned about it!

ENVE's unique carbon fiber manufacturing uses the only highest carbon parts using one and only technology.

Because it is a simple bike that sells, such as improving handling performance and riding that does not feel stress consisting of shock absorption performance.

Being concerned with these detailed parts will create a change in ride comfort more than you can imagine.

If you are currently using the handle, stem, and seat post of aluminum material, please change it to carbon parts and experience the difference even if it is not ENVE!


Today, we have introduced the custom vehicle of Tyrant Bikes Beasti, which was released on November 26th.

At the Harajuku store, it was a very rare custom content, and this time I was excited while making it. smile

BEASTI, a new model, has received many inquiries from the morning.

There are also exhibited vehicles at the store, so if you are interested, please feel free to come to the store!

Of course, you can purchase from SNS, so please feel free to contact us!

We look forward to your visit and inquiries.



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