Not light or fast. I like this kind of wh...

I have a little time to work, so I'm going to set up some stock wheels.
Today, one of them has been set up.

SUZUE PROMAX HUB X Ambrossio Excellence
Front: ¥ 29,040-
Rear: ¥ 29,810-

Finished in a simple but sexy wheel.
The hub is a black version of Suzue's reprint hub.
It is ideal for city riding because the maintenance is improved by adopting a shield bearing.
It is a very affordable hub, but this looks is the only.

Suzue Promax Track Hub Black

The rim is an Excellence of Ambrossio's all -round rim.
It looks neat, but the strength is perfect with a double eyelet specification.
Please put on the burden.

Ambrossio Excellence ¥ 11,440-

Deep rims such as carbon wheels are also good for rigid wheels.
I personally like the elastic wheels that take a longer spoke.
It's not a fast wheel, and it's outdated, but I want to keep making this gentle ride wheel.

It's fashionable if you assemble with a slender steel bike.
If you assemble with an aluminum frame, I think it will be unexpectedly similar in sporty.
Those who do not seek speed for severe but are those who want comfortable running performance and sexy accents are Zehi.


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