The final destination of the DOSNOVENTA ride

Hello everyone.
This is GORI from BROTURES Harajuku.
Lately, I've been addicted to learning Chinese, and I've been wearing a gold necklace to improve my Chinese skills.
Such a gold neck ended up RIP the other day.
The reason for this was due to a shocking incident in which the hoodie got caught on one's finger and was torn off when the hoodie was being put on. . . LOL Everyone, please be careful when putting on and taking off your hoodie while wearing a necklace!
There are only a few days left this year, but I will do my best to work hard to achieve a new gold neck.

The car that GORI, whose status as a man has fallen slightly, would like to present to you today is the full carbon frame TOKYO, which is probably the final destination for those who are already DOSNOVENTA users.

Just because it's a full carbon frame, I'm sure many piste riders would like to try it at least once.
It's Sorya likely.
The aluminum frame makes it so light and durable, and you can feel the aggressiveness when you start rowing, so you'll want to try it out.
Of course, if you are a DOSNOVENTA user, this feeling is probably even stronger.
I have had the same experience.

Juanma Pozo

Gerard Saltor

Speaking of TOKYO, this is the frame where you often see DOSNOVENTA crew members Juanma Pozo and Gerard Saltor riding.

Personally, I think their riding style is so cool that I admire them, and their clothing style embodies the brand, making them a genuine DOSNOVENTA crew.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce a video of my personal favorite, DOSNOVENTA, riding.

This video, which was officially dropped by DOSNOVENTA about a year ago, is my favorite.
This work is a video of a total of three riders, led by Juanma Pozo, riding around Paris, France without braking.
Of course The car that Juanma is riding on is TOKYO.
To be honest, I fell in love with these guys who rode through the beautiful cities of Europe at night, bringing out the underground nature of fixie bikes.
I think this is typical of DOSNOVENTA, as you can see by the way they wear clothes that match their riding style.
I think the modern and cool color of the car body and clothing that matches the logo is a style that all DOSNOVENTA users, including myself, should definitely refer to!

DOSNOVENTA TOKYO frame set ¥418,000-tax included

This time, TOKYO was created with their worldview as the most important consideration.
By using as many original components as possible,
I did worldview awareness.

Although it is original, the handle and wheels are made of carbon material, so the driving specs will be dramatically improved.
The logos and specs scattered throughout the monochrome parts create a beautiful finish.
As for the wheels, they use first-class bearings, making them high-spec wheels that spin smoothly.

The crank is equipped with a ROTOR from DOSNOVENTA, and even if it's not a race scene like them, they are dedicated to running tough and fast.
In particular, they use SPD pedals, and as shown in their videos, they will be able to use the best pedals to achieve work.

If you're going to ride a DOSNOVENTA, specs are of course important, but I really recommend that you assemble it while keeping the brand's worldview in mind.
When taking photos of the car this time, the reason why I wore all black clothes was to protect the world view. lol

The video I introduced this time was taken in Paris, France, but I have shot videos in many cities in the past.
Of course, there have been things taken in Japan in the past.
If you think about it, DOSNOVENTA uses the names of world-famous cities such as LOS ANGELES, DETORIT, and BARCELONA as frame model names, but TOKYO is the one that reigns supreme in high-end models, surpassing BARCELONA, which is a city in Spain. is.
This must be based on their high respect for Japanese manufacturing and culture.
As for BARCELONA, their relationship with Japan is inseparable in their manufacturing, as their chromoly frames are designed with NJS frames in mind.
What do we do if we don't ride the best frames that they have respect for and have brought Japan the title of high-end?
So, there is only one S size frame set left. Lol If it's the day I'm there, you can also test drive TOKYO, so if you're interested, please feel free to ask for a test drive!
Whether you cry or laugh, the last one of all stores is on display at the Harajuku store, so
If you are interested, please hurry to the store.
Well then.

There is also a blog that actually reviews the ride comfort of TOKYO, so be sure to check it out as well!

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